Most People Would Not Give Up Their iPhone To Have Their Dream House

I had to do a double take at this list, because I'm can take my phone...hell, you can take my damn husband for my dream house. lol

When asked what people would give up to get their dream home:

1. Give up Chipotle forever, 48%.

2. Give up Instagram forever, 47%.

3. Listen to"Cotton Eye Joe"for a week straight, 42%.

4. Give up brunch forever, 36%.

5. Give up their iPhone forever, 29%.

6. Go to JAIL for a week, 25%.

7. Go to the Fyre Festival, 23%. Yes, it's worse than jail.

8. Give up sex for five years, 16%.

9. Give up sex for 10 years, 13%.

10. Break up with my partner, 9%. 

SOURCE: (Yahoo News)

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