Shoplifter Arrested After Chugging A Six-Pack In The Target Dressing Room

Listen, shopping stresses me out too. But you've gotta buy the beer and then drink it at home, okay?

Lathrop Police Services posted on Facebook:

Shoplifter consumes alcohol before exiting the store.
Yesterday at about 3:30 pm,Elysia Johnson entered the Target store in Lathrop. She placed several items into a shopping cart and hand basket. While walking around the store she also grabbed a six pack of Stella Artois beer and walked into the dressing room. She stayed in the dressing room for over an hour.
After consuming the six beers, Johnson exited the store without paying for any items. She had over $200 worth of items in her possession.
The Target loss prevention detained her and she was later booked in the San Joaquin County Jail for shoplifting along with three additional warrants.