NFL Playoff Predictions - Wild Card Weekend

Well here we are -  where does the time go. 

Wild card weekend, the start of a few of the most exciting weeks of pro football.

Saturday 1/5/19

Colts at Houston -  The Colts have really come alive over the past month or so.  They had one hiccup in Jacksonville which is almost unforgivable.   I think they are on a roll.   Colts get off to an early lead and don't look back. Colts 21-7

Seattle at Dallas -  Dallas' D has been their strength.   Seattle has been hot.  Tough one here. Oh, wait. Is Jason Garrett still the head coach?   Oh, he is...... Seattle  28-17

San Di....OOOPS  Los Angeles Chargers at Baltimore Col....OOPS Baltimore Ravens. -  I like the Chargers. Always have.  But I don't see them beating Baltimore in the cold confines near the Harbor Tunnel.  Chargers go back home and like their wounds after a very promising season.  Ravens 17-9

Eagles at Bears -  The defending champs have found their pride and their QB.  I think this is the game of the weekend.   Bears are still under the radar.  This will be exciting.   Eagles  28-24

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