Ultimate #TBT - Weezer (The Teal Album)...

Weezer (The band) slapped the ultimate throw-back-Thursday knock on the rock world.  With a stroke of genius - Weezer released a complete covers album at the stroke of midnight much to the delight of music fans and critics around the globe.

Weezer (The Teal Album) not only resonates the ultimate 80's - Miami Vice motif visually - it's the epitome of classic tunes rock, pop, retro, R&B that can't be covered by just any band.

The entire album is delightful.  A-HA to TLC,  Turtles to Black Sabbath - they display their talents like never before.

All this...as the band gets ready to release their next album - Weezer (The Black Album) which will contain all NEW and ORGINAL material on March 1st.

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