They Stole A Shark With The Help Of A Baby Stroller

Shark week is the best, but this shark story almost had a terrible ending.  Two men and a woman went to the San Antonio Aquarium in Texas on Saturday afternoon . . . and they grabbed a three-foot horn shark out of its tank.  That seems crazy, but what they did next is CRAZIER.  They then swaddled it in a blanket like a baby . . . put it in a STROLLER . . . and walked right out with it.  And it was a damn good heist, because the staff at the aquarium didn't realize the shark was missing for 45 minutes.  The cops got surveillance footage of the thieves and the happy ending to this Shark Week story is the shark is back in the aquarium after the thieves tried selling it online.  Today we learned that horn sharks can survive out of water for maybe an hour or two.  AMAZING!