This Is Not Steak This Is A Smoked Watermelon

We can't hide the fact that we love food.  We love smoked and grilled food more than most, but this is one that blew our minds!  Evan Lancaster from Foodbeast posted video of a New York City restaurant named Ducks Eatery . . . and their "Watermelon Steak."  Here's what happens...they soak the melon in brine, and then SMOKE it, and THEN pan-roast it. It ends up looking like a baked ham . . . or a rare steak when you slice into it.   We would love to try something like this, so the next time you're having people over and smoking some brisket or ribs...give us a call!  We'll come smoke a watermelon with you!  Hardest part of smoking a watermelon is keeping it lit!