A Pyramid Contestant Confused Obama With Osama bin Laden

On Sunday's episode of "$100,000 Pyramid", a contestant confused Barack Obama with Osama bin Laden. Or sort of he claims.  His name is Evan and he was competing in the final round with former "Saturday Night Live" ladies man Tim Meadows.  Evan was providing the clues for Tim to guess. The first answer was "People Whose Last Name Is Obama" . . . and Evan said, quote, "Bin Laden."  And then, quote, "Uh . . . Barack."  And Tim guessed it, saying quote, "Obamas!" Why would he do something like that?  Well Evan has an excuse.  In a series of Tweets, he claims that he couldn't think of any Obamas other than Barack in the moment and so, quote, "My brain decided:  Who's associated with Obama?  Who did he kill?  What sounds like Obama!"  SO that's why he said it.  Do you believe him?