Behind The Scenes Info On This Peyton Manning Sketch

When peyton Manning hosted "Saturday Night Live", he did a parody of a United Way ad, where he gives kids tattoos, teaches them how to break into cars and, of course, plays football with them. But it was the football scenes that almost made him ditch the skit, because he thought they went too far. WHY?  Because he had to peg the kids in the head with the ball.  And even though they were using a hollowed-out Nerf ball, he wasn't feeling it.  Peyton was speaking at the Indianapolis Colts' annual kickoff luncheon and he said, "It was all very awkward and uncomfortable.  And I finally told the director, 'I can't do it. And right then, I cannot make this up, one of the parents of the child actors runs out onto the set and tells the director, 'I want him to hit my kid in the face!'  I said, 'I will do it.  I will knock your kid out.'"Notice, though, that in the skit he doesn't hit anyone in the face.  I wonder if there are outtakes that were deemed TOO BRUTAL to air?  We would love to see those!!