LAPD Body Cam Footage Of An Officer Being Shot

WARNING.  This video shows some pretty intense and graphic footage.  A female police officer in Los Angeles was shot in the leg at point-blank range during a traffic stop.  This actually happened back in July, and the LAPD is just now released the video.  It's disturbing because even though she survived, her partner killed the shooter. The video was produced by the LAPD and it begins with an in-studio officer talking to the camera, and explaining what you're about to see.  The cruiser video starts with the female officer talking to the driver.  She asks if he's still on probation, and he says he has nine months left.  She asks him to exit the car, and then she opens his door.  As soon as he gets out he shoots her.  Then he spins and reaches OVER his car and shoots at her partner.  But the partner returns fire immediately and takes him down.  He also comes around the back of the car and fires more shots, and then handcuffs the guy.  Both cops call for backup.