Getting Tackled By Your Hair Must Hurt!

Why would any offensive NFL player want to have long hair?  it just gives they other players another chance to grab hold of you and drag you down.  Case in point: JADEVEON CLOWNEY of the Houston Texans yanked CHRIS IVORY of the Buffalo Bills down to the ground . . . by a SINGLE DREADLOCK.  And yes, it was as painful to watch as it sounds. Clowney pulled Ivory's dreadlock from behind.  His head snapped back, and he fell backward.  Clowney helped Ivory up afterward, and Ivory seemed fine.  By the way, Clowney also has long hair. It's a legal play, but it sort of resembled a 'horse-collar tackle' which was outlawed a while back for safety reasons.  So, if hair-pulling-from-behind happened more frequently, it's possible that the league would consider banning it.