John Stamos Almost Did It To Himself At The Clinic

We all know John Stamos is sexy.  But is he sexy enough to turn HIMSELF on?  Not anymore.  On the new E! talk show "Busy Tonight", John told Busy Phillips a story about when he and his wife were trying to conceive. John needed to go to a fertility clinic and provide a sample.  So they sent him into a room with some, you know, MATERIALS that might help him produce. He said, quote, "I went into this little room and they said, 'If you need any stimulation or whatever, there's videos and there's a TV here.'  So I turn the TV on and it's on 'Fuller House'.  My hand to God!"(You've gotta admit, that's a decent prank.  And if YOU were working at a clinic when John Stamos walked in, you'd probably do that to him too.)But it sounds like John resisted the urge to let Uncle Jessie take him to Nirvana.  Quote, "I go, 'If I'm going to masturbate to myself, it's going to be my old self, not the new one!'"