Every Stan Lee Cameo From 1989-2018

Marvel Comics legend STAN LEE passed away yesterday at the age of 95.  He started Marvel in 1961 with Jack Kirby . . . and they co-created the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, Black Panther, The Incredible Hulk, X-Men, Iron Man, and The Avengers. Stan revolutionized comics by creating superheroes that had human flaws and mundane problems that adult readers could relate to.  The "superheroes" before that were typically flawless, god-like figures. He made cameo appearances in 26 Marvel movies, beginning with the TV movie "The Trial of the Incredible Hulk" in 1989.   And it sounds like he'd already shot his cameo for the upcoming "Avengers 4", also he does have a cameo in "Ralph Breaks the Internet", which will be out next week.  The cameos started as a JOKE in the comics.  Stan once said, quote, "The artists back then would draw me in as a joke or just to have fun.  And I'd put some dialogue balloons there and it looked as if I intended it.  I didn't try to do cameos in those days." Regardless of any issues he had with Marvel, Stan lived to see his characters become even BIGGER than anyone could imagine over the past decade, with the massive mainstream success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.