This Hang Gliding Trip Almost Ended In Disaster

Hang Gliding seems like an incredible rush, but nothing like this.  A guy named Chris Gursky had to hang on for his life after he left the ground unattached to his hang glider on the very first day of a recent trip to Switzerland.  Check out the video shows Gursky dangling from the glider as the pilot desperately looks for a safe spot to land.  The most amazing thing is that Chris held on for over two harrowing minutes as  the pilot cling on to each other, and the pilot tries to find a safe spot to land and control the glider.  Chris suffered a fracture to his right wrist on landing. He underwent surgery and a titanium plate and seven screws were installed. He also tore his left bicep tendon during the flight.  But as he wryly puts it: “It beats the alternative.”  Of course the question most people are going to ask is, "Will you go Hang Gliding again?  His answer is pretty shocking:  "I will go hang gliding again as I did not get to enjoy my first flight,".  He is stronger and braver than us!