Who Knew You Can't Use The Ref's Crotch To Score?

We love hockey and we love the NHL.  We did not know this was a rule. Did you know you can NOT use the ref's crotch to score a goal?  It is true, you can't score a goal off a referee's WIENER. During a game between the St. Louis Blues and the Florida Panthers, Blues defender ROBERT BORTUZZO smacked the puck right into what appeared to be referee Tim Peel's wedding tackle.   Peel went down, and the puck went straight into the Panthers' goal.  But it DIDN'T COUNT, because NHL rules state you can't score a goal off a ref. Now, it looks like the puck hit Peel a little HIGHER than his actual tender portions . . . like maybe around the belt line.  But if he was riding at 12 o'clock, that could still be quite painful.  Either way, he was pretty shaken up, and had to leave the game temporarily.  Check it out: