Does This Toy Sing What We THINK It Sings?

When Woody was a kid he got a desk set as a toy.  Not exactly exciting, and certainly doesn't make much sound.  When Wilcox was a kid he only had a HOOP AND STICK as a toy.  Kids today have it made with sounds, lights, electronics that can sing to them and more.  But are those toys saying the right things? Case in point: A You Tuber named Boo Tube posted video of a Disney Lightning McQueen race car toy from the movie "Cars" and it plays a song with what some people are calling a very inappropriate-for-kids phrase.  Some people claim they hear the singer actually say, "sticking your finger in my butt."It's a real song by someone named DJ MAXWELL, and it's called "It's Okay".  Here are the lyrics.  Some people say the line is actually "sticking your finger in my pie".  Listen to the song below.  The questionable lyrics happen about 28 seconds in.  And tell us, what do YOU hear?