Today We Learn About The CIA's Rectal Tool Kit

I don't think we've ever learned more from a YouTube video than we from this one about the CIA's rectal tool kit.  You read that right.  RECTAL TOOL KIT.  This comes to us from the fine folks at the International Spy Museum and I have to tell you, I'm pretty let down knowing that this existed and we have never seen it in a spy movie!  When James bond gets his cool gadgets what's the one thing they always neglect to show us?  That's right!  It's all the tools he carries in his no go hole.  When The Mission impossible people are pulling off their incredible feats, we never get to see where they keep their rectal tool kit.  We're not sure if we need to make a petition, or march on Hollywood, but we need more of this stuff in spy films right?  Or maybe not.