Bill Walton Eats A Cupcake With A Lit Candle On It

Some people LOVE Bill Walton. Some people can't stand Bill Walton. We are the ones that love him, but not for his announcing abilities. Not for his insight into the game of basketball. We love Bill Walton because he's the type of guy where you NEVER know what he's going to do next. He might take a tangent in the middle of the game to talk, at length, about a walk across a bridge that he took. He might talk about the feathers on a bird that he saw (all while a fantastic college basketball game is happening right in front of him). He might even take a bite out of a cupcake with a candle that is still lit! Putting the lit candle into his mouth in one giant bite! And that's just what he did here. Did he get challenged by his play by play guy? Yes, but it seemed in jest until Bill takes the challenge and this is why we love him!