The Best News Screw Ups From February

There is a great YouTube channel and website called News Be Funny. They are the people that collect news bloopers and edit them together. They posted a round-up of the top news bloopers from February, and there are some good ones here! Some of our favorites include a field reporter who completely blanks and says "um" several times as she tries to read her notes. There's a reporter who says her kids, "will not be happy if we don't get a good dump", a meteorologist saying, "we've had sex consecutive days of rain", and an anchor who says "86% sex rate" instead of "success rate." (FYI: The reporter who blanks is at 0:47 . . . the "good dump" is at 1:27.The "sex consecutive days" starts at 4:35 . . . and the "86% sex rate" comes at 6:47.)