You Know The Rules-- Do NOT Retch And Run Or It Will Cost You!

Mom always told us two things: don't play ball int he house, and do not retch and run. Okay, maybe it was only the retching thing that she told us about. The woman in this video was not told such information and that's why we have this crazy quick video. A lot happens in this eight-second video. It opens with a woman choking on some water, which makes her start vomiting. What would you do at that point? Well she decided to takes off running. She doesn't turn her head while a little water and bile (used to be the name of our show) comes out...she then tries to run on that stuff but slips on the vomit and falls to the floor. She also takes a glass or a dish with her. When we told you there was a lot going on in this video we meant it!