What Does $500,000 For Your Kid To Get Into College Look Like?

When you bribe someone with $500,000 to get your child into college it is money well spent, right? Maybe not as this video shows us. If you haven't followed along with the scandal, 100's of people have been caught up in bribes, fraud, and cheating to get their kids into "good" school. Well, Lori Loughlin returned to the U.S. yesterday and surrendered to authorities. She was released on $1 million bond, just like her husband. Unlike FELICITY HUFFMAN, she gets to keep her passport, because she's working on a project in Canada. By the way, while Lori was being charged with breaking the law to get her daughters into USC, guess where one of those daughters was? If you guessed on a yacht belonging to the chairman of USC's board of directors, then you are either a great guesser, or like Lori Loughlin, or Felicity Huffman, you are cheating the system! On a yacht with the chairman of the board of USC...that's not a bad look, is it? The guy's daughter brought several friends to the Bahamas, including Lori's 19-year-old daughter Olivia Jade, but after the news broke, everyone decided it would be best if she came home. What does spending $500,00 to get your kid into school look like? Take a look at this video: