Dick Dale Is No Longer With Us But We Have Some Great Memories!

DICK DALE died of a heart attack yesterday morning.He was 81.Dick was known as the 'King of the Surf Guitar.'He created the surf music style, which was inspired by mixing Middle-Eastern music with reverb and driving beats. His hit "Miserlou" is probably his most recognizable hit across all generations today, after it was prominently featured in "Pulp Fiction". But he had other hits with "Let's Go Trippin'", "Hava Nagila", "Nitrus", and "Pipeline" with Stevie Ray Vaughan.And in 1995, he recorded a surf-rock version of "Aquarium" for the musical score of Space Mountain at Disneyland. Dick performed up until the end, but it was at least partially because he needed the money.He had a lot of medical issues, including cancer, diabetes, and renal failure. In 2015 he said, quote, "I can't stop touring because I will die due to medical expenses . . . I have to raise $3,000 every month to pay for the medical supplies I need to stay alive, and that’s on top of the insurance that I pay for." Check out Dick Dale from 1963 when he was on the Ed Sullivan show: