Enjoy This In Honor Of Today Being National Alien Abduction Day

Did you know that today is Alien Abduction Day? We didn't, but it is! Alien Abduction Day is for those who believe they've been abducted by aliens in the past and for those who expect to be abducted by aliens in the future. Yep, there is a holiday for those people too! Really this all about those who are interested in stories about alien abductions. On March 20, 2008,a company called  Happy Worker in Toronto, Canada, held the Alien Abduction Festival to celebrate “all things extraterrestrial & sci-fi, for alien fanatics and creative types alike." So today is a day to celebrate!! How? By reliving two of the best sketches from SNL. These had Ryan Gosling losing it (and other characters too!) Its all about 3 people with vastly different experiences being abducted!