The Reality In Virtual Reality Is Only Virutal

The man in the video is a Vietnam Veteran and he is about to try a virtual Reality head set that simulates what it is like to jump out of a plane wearing a parachute. This is a man who know what he is talking about. As they are getting him ready for the virtual reality jump, he's talking about different rigs that he has jumped and the ones he like better. There is one major problem that they for got to tell him about. That while he jumps, he's not actually in a plane, and the people there should have known that his military training would have made him do it the right way. There was no one there to catch him as muscle memory took over and he did what all 101st airborne would do when exiting an aircraft (real or in virtual reality). The good news is he is okay and had a good laugh at this video a few days later when they showed him the video!