Competitive Eater Celebrates 50,000 Subscribers By Downing 2 Gallons Of Oil

Celebrating milestones is fun, and a great way to highlight new achievements. This is a little different than the normal party, or award ceremony. A competitive eater named Molly Schuyler wanted to celebrate having 50,000 YouTube subscribers, so she did it by consuming 50,000 calories in one sitting.  You're probably asking how you would go about doing something like that. It's almost impossible to eat that much in a short amount of time, so she decided to drink two GALLONS of canola oil. That totaled out to 66,560 calories. She poured it into nine large glasses and finished them all in one minute and six seconds. Yep, she downed 2 GALLONS of oil to celebrate, check it out (drinking starts about 6:45 into the video)