This Is The Idiot Dance That Helped Steal Laptops From Wal Mart

It Didn't happen in Florida, but it does involve a Wal Mart and something known as an Idiot Dance. Police say two crooks collaborated together to steal $2,000 from a Rotterdam Walmart. What makes this story a bit different is that their daring plan involved...dancing. The Albany Times Union says that the duo struck the Wal Mart there this last Saturday afternoon. Their heist began when they paid cash for three laptop computers. When the cashier counted up the cash, one of the dudes claimed he wanted to count the cash again thinking that he might have over paid. When he had the cash in hand the other man, in his pink polo shirt and tan baseball hat, began to bust a move. His poorly choreographed dance moves did serve a purpose however; it distracted the employee. We think this is an inside job because this is FAR from the weirdest thing you've seen in a Wal Mart!