What Is The Worst Tasting Liquor You Have Ever Had?

Try to think of the worst tasting shot you've ever tried. We are not talking about the time you got into your parents liquor cabinet and tried to play bartender when you were 19. We are talking, in a bar, bought from a bartender, what is this horrible liquid type of shot. Well it pales in comparison to Jeppson's Malort. Some of the ways they flavor has been described go like this" Sweaty socks, metallic pine needles, sour and regret. That doesn't sound awesome but PEOPLE CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF IT! Also, If you ask CEO Tremaine Atkinson (he's the CEO of the company that makes this) to pin down the flavor, he’d call it ass, gas and fire. Not an endorsement, but people still love it in Chicago. Why? We have to do a road trip to try it ourselves to figure it out! What's the worst liquor you've ever had?