People Waited In Line 10 Hours For This Harry Potter Ride

What is wrong with some people? Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike is a roller coaster ride at Islands of Adventure (that would be Universal in Orlando, Florida) and it cost $300 million to take harry Potter fans on a mile-long journey through the infamous Forbidden Forest on Hagrid’s iconic motorbike. We recognize those words, but we are not uber Harry Potter fans. Some people LOVE Harry Potter and theat entire universe. So much that they will wait a LONG time just to ride a new ride. You see this coaster replaced the Wizarding World of Harry Potter’s Dragon Challenge roller coasters, which was originally called Dueling Dragons. They have been building this thing for the past 2 years and fans who wanted to be the first to ride the new coaster arrived before the sun came up Thursday and could be in line for what seems like forever, because the Universal Orlando mobile app estimates the wait for the ride to be between eight and 10 hours. 10 HOURS!!! Would you ever wait 10 hours for a roller coaster ride? We would not!