This TV News Anchor Goes For The Puns Over And Over And Over

its been said that we like our puns on the Woody and Wilcox show, and that's a fact for some of us (Chelsea is not such a big fan). If you like those videos of local news anchors trying REALLY hard to stand out, you'd get a kick out of this. Mainly because of all the puns! :Jamie Holmes is a news anchor at Florida's WFTV and he did a report on Tom Cruise packed with the titles of Tom's movies. For example, Jamie dropped likes like: "Space is a 'risky business,' but Space-X has made 'all the right moves' . . . I just hope the weather holds, and there are no 'days of thunder and it won't rain, man "It went on for about 40 seconds, and we counted 14 movie references in all.(By the way Chelsea, his coworkers LOVED it.)