10 Times Dogs Failed at Being Dogs

Dogs are awesome. They have more personality and excitement than many humans and sometimes we have to sit and wonder "what did we do to deserve dogs?"

But sometimes, dogs are just so awesome, they forget and fail at being dogs. 

It's okay, pupper... we still love you and will shower you in dog treats.

Like this puppy who doesn't understand how gravity works.

Or this pup who is here to save the day from the terrible, mean and scary spoon.

And this dog who just doooooesn't quite get it.

This dog underestimated the projection from floor to couch.

Or this dog who didn't pay attention in physics class.

And this pup who just wasn't ready.

This dog doesn't quite have the hand-paw coordination, but he gets an A for trying.

Is this considered a fail when his aim was so good?

And this little guy who was having the most vivid dream about chasing cats that it impeded on his real life.

And finally this pup, who said "screw it" to exerting any effort into getting his treat.

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