Woman Saves Puppy From Abusive Owner & Makes a Big Decision

When Heather Frazier heard the cries of a puppy somewhere in her neighborhood, she knew she had to try to find it. It took a few weeks for the Tempe, Arizona woman to find the source of the howls and when she did, her heart broke.

The 4-month Golden Retriever puppy, who the Arizona Humane Society named Raine, was heard crying constantly so Frazier took it upon herself to investigate.  After finding the source of the cries, she saw the worst.

Shundong Hu, 21, has been beating the puppy with a metal rod. Unable to escape or defend himself, the puppy took the beating.  Also inside the home were two cats with similar injuries. He has been charged with felony animal abuse. 

The puppy was nursed back to health at the Arizona Humane Society and once his story began circulating, nearly 300 applications came in to adopt.

But there was one catch.

Frazier wanted to adopt him herself. 

The shelter, which usually does adoption drawings for dogs that have multiple apps, decided he deserved to spend his life with the woman who saved it. 

Main photo courtesy of Arizona Humane Society

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