An Historic Southend Eatery Closes This Saturday

At The End, we have memories of Phat Burrito going back almost to the beginning of The End in 1995. It seems ever since we were around, all someone had to do was yell......"Phat Burrito" for lunch! Who's in" and lunch was decided for that day and many others. Eventually we all started splitting one if we could decide what to share because at Phat Burrito, the Burritos were PHAT! We all enjoy seeing growth in our city, but does growth have to rob us of the things that make life memorable? I'm sure between now and Saturday, and then long after, people will remember Phat Burrito and a lot of sentences that start with... "remember that time Phat Burrito..." Thanks Stephen Justice and crew for such great food and good times. Special thanks to Charlotte Observer for the photo and great article attached to this post.