Someone is Selling a Brooklyn Parking Spot for $300,000

Parking spots are a hot commodity in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Homes surpass $1 million and rent stretches above $3,000 a month. But, who knew parking would be such a big expense?

A parking spot in an indoor garage at Union St. and 7th Ave. in Park Slope is on the market for $300,000. The garage also offers 24/7 attendant on duty, valet pick up and drop off, and hand car washing for a charge. 

There's a major lack in parking in Park Slope and many people are paying six figures to park their car.

The reason? Many parking garages are being torn down to create residential spaces.

One resident, Karen Ratner, paid more than $100,000 for her spot a few years ago after they closed down a 300-car parking garage.

But if you think $300,000 is a bit pricey, stay out of Manhattan where parking spots go for up to $1 million. 

Lead photo: Getty Images

Garage photo: BHS

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