Patrick Stewart is Fostering a Pitbull & The Internet is Losing Its Mind

This is Patrick Stewart.  You may know him as a famous actor who has appeared in such films as Star Trek, X-Men and any other movie that needs a brooding, possibly villainous bald man.

Though he's most notably known for his acting roles, he's become a social sensation in the past few weeks thanks to one dog: Ginger.

Meet Ginger. A pitbull being fostered by Patrick from Wags and Walks rescue. When they first met, it was love at first sight and his new foster dad looked like a kid at a candy store. 

From there, they've developed a close relationship that's been filmed by Patrick's partner Sunny Ozell.

They snooze and snuggle together.

And take long, exciting walks together.

Pitbulls. So ferocious right? 

It's a great thing Patrick is doing to help not only try to show the sweet, loving and caring demeanor of a pitbull, but showing how important fostering is in the animal world.

Many dogs in shelters are euthanized to create space for more dogs and fostering gets them out of the shelters, into a warm home and keeps them available for adoption at the same time.

If you're interested in fostering, please check out our friends at The Humane Society of Charlotte, who have a great foster program

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