Man Creates GoFundMe to Buy $15K Engagement Ring

William Oliver loves his girlfriend. A lot. And now he wants to put a ring on it.

So, he chose a platinum and rose gold custom $15,000 ring. Now, he needs your help.

He took to GoFundMe when he saw Talladega College raise over $400,000 to attend the Presidential Inauguration and knew it was a big way to raise money. 

"I've decided to utilize GoFundMe to let everybody who loves us show us," he wrote on the page. 

Now, we aren't sure if he's serious about raising the money, because he did propose to his girlfriend on April 4 and bought her the ring. 

In one of the latest updates, he said he proposed to her and could afford the ring, but the wedding is a different story.

"Unconditional Love is Free, Weddings are Not...Why do couples have to shoulder the cost of the public's materialistic perception of true love? How much money is too much money when US statistics show that he average American cannot write a $500 check out of their account. Let's go viral?"

Well Alexandra, I hope you and William are happy together. GoFundMe or not.

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