Customers Are Suing Wise for 'Misleading' Chip Bags

It's happened to all of us.  We grab a bag of chips from the vending machine, take it back to our desk, pop that baby open and there it is.  Seven whole chips in the bag. Why did you just pay $.90 for that?

The plaintiffs are from the Bronx and D.C. and have named Wise Foods Inc. as the defendant, claiming they are packaging their chip bags with excessive "slack-fill." The fill is used to protect chips from getting crushed while transported.

The lawsuit shows the apparent line of fill on a Wise chips bag and the line of fill on a Ruffles bag. 

The plaintiffs are looking for statutory damages up to $1,500 per violation and a court order requiring Wise Foods to repackage their chips. 

The lawsuit claims that Wise's amount of slack-fill serves no purpose because their competitors have more chips in the bag and still manage to not run into the issue of broken chips. 

Get more information on the lawsuit here

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