Five Crazy Non-Music Moments at Carolina Rebellion 2017

Carolina Rebellion 2017 was another huge success! With performances from Def Leppard, Offspring, Soundgarden, Avenged Sevenfold, Chevelle, Papa Roach and so many more, it was a big weekend of music and camaraderie that brought thousands together.

While the stages were on fire with their own entertainment, there were plenty of off-stage moments that were funny, crazy, cringeworthy and hilarious.

1. T-Rex Living His Best Life

Because if you're going to crowd surf, you might as well do it in style

2. This Guy Who Surfed Too Hard

He did tell us he was surfing, then ended up falling and it all went down hill from there. Nothing's broken, though! So that's a win.

3. This Girl Who Really Liked Doing Cartwheels (And Maybe Flashing the Crowd)

She did this for a solid 15 minutes before Sum 41.

4. This Guy Who Saw the Effects of Being Thrown After Crowd Surfing

Look for the guy in a white shirt and black pants.  Head first? Ouch.

5. This Couple Who For Some Reason Thought This Was a Good Time to Practice Acrobatics

I mean... I get it. There's a lot of downtime between acts sometimes, but usually people fill that with beer and food. 

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