Five Crazy Non-Music Moments at Carolina Rebellion 2017

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Carolina Rebellion 2017 was another huge success! With performances from Def Leppard, Offspring, Soundgarden, Avenged Sevenfold, Chevelle, Papa Roach and so many more, it was a big weekend of music and camaraderie that brought thousands together.

While the stages were on fire with their own entertainment, there were plenty of off-stage moments that were funny, crazy, cringeworthy and hilarious.

1. T-Rex Living His Best Life

Because if you're going to crowd surf, you might as well do it in style

This guy is my hero. @crebellion #CarolinaRebellion

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2. This Guy Who Surfed Too Hard

He did tell us he was surfing, then ended up falling and it all went down hill from there. Nothing's broken, though! So that's a win.

GRAPHIC: when moshing goes wrong at @carolinarebellion.

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3. This Girl Who Really Liked Doing Cartwheels (And Maybe Flashing the Crowd)

She did this for a solid 15 minutes before Sum 41.

When you enjoy @carolinarebellion a little too much. Did we just go to second base?

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4. This Guy Who Saw the Effects of Being Thrown After Crowd Surfing

Look for the guy in a white shirt and black pants.  Head first? Ouch.

I'm in too deep with @sum41. #ThatsWhatSheSaid

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5. This Couple Who For Some Reason Thought This Was a Good Time to Practice Acrobatics

I mean... I get it. There's a lot of downtime between acts sometimes, but usually people fill that with beer and food. 

Just everyday normal things happening here at @carolinarebellion. Some acrobatic stuff going down.

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