Jack's Diner Playlist: A Tribute to Chris Cornell

Today, we paid tribute to a true iconic rock voice, Chris Cornell. After learning of his passing after his show in Detroit on May 17, our entire staff was heartbroken. The office had an eerie quiet around it. Our staff feeling sullen over his passing and it was evident.

So, we paid our respects the best way we knew how: with music.

Jack Daniel played two hours of straight Chris Cornell music from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. mixed with interview tidbits, stories from our staff and their memories, and covers of songs you forget he even put his hands on.

Here is the full playlist:

"Fell on Black Days" -Soundgarden

"Show Me How To Live" - Audioslave

"Hunger Strike" - Temple of The Dog

"Thank You" - Led Zeppelin cover

"Be Yourself" -Audioslave

"Nothing Compares To You" - Chris Cornell (cover of Sinead O’Connor) written by Prince

"Black Hole Sun" -Soundgarden

"Like A Stone" -Audioslave

"Rusty Cage" -Soundgarden

"Say Hello 2 Heaven" -Temple of The Dog

"I Am The Highway" -Audioslave

"Billie Jean" - Chris Cornell (Michael Jackson cover)

"Burden In My Hand" -Soundgarden

"Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart" -Chris Cornell

10 of the Greatest Chris Cornell Songs - Thumbnail Image

10 of the Greatest Chris Cornell Songs

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