Road Signs Playlist from the Chris Cornell Tribute

The death of Chris Cornell set me to reflecting on years of being a fan. There were times when I sat his stuff aside, but somehow I always went back to his music. The show tonight reflected years of music, some that I loved the first time I heard it, and some that I would only come back to years later. The bottom line is that it was hard to do the show tonight. It meant more, partly because I knew how invested listeners were--the song requests were super! There were a lot more songs I could have played, but those will have to wait until other Sunday nights. At any rate, here's the playlist, with video hot links, from tonight's tribute to Chris Cornell.


SHOW ME HOW TO LIVE -- Audioslave

LIVE TO RISE -- Soundgarden

HUNGER STRIKE -- Temple of the Dog

OUTSHINED -- Soundgarden


RUSTY CAGE --Johnny Cash  

LIKE A STONE -- Audioslave

DOESN'T REMIND ME -- Audioslave

THE PROMISE -- Chris Cornell

IMAGINE (John Lennon cover) --Chris Cornell

I AM THE HIGHWAY -- Audioslave

BURDEN IN MY HAND -- Soundgarden

SPOONMAN -- Soundgarden

THE DAY I TRIED TO LIVE -- Soundgarden

FELL ON BLACK DAYS (acoustic) -- Chris Cornell

BE YOURSELF -- Audioslave

SEASONS -- Chris Cornell

SUNSHOWER -- Chris Cornell

SAY HELLO TO HEAVEN -- Temple of the Dog

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