Play list: 90 Minutes with Divakar July 30, 2017

Band Name - Song

The Georgia Flood - Take A Hit

Hectorina - Why Should I Wait

The Moon and You - Bottom of the Road

The Business People - Holy Hell

Tiny City - Oh My

The Radio Silent - Braveside

Swim in the Wild - Blue Skies

Late Night Special - Disco

Time Sawyer - Queen City On Fire

Time Sawyer - Ball and Chain

Minutes and Years - Round And Round

Hipgnostic - Ape In Me

Of Good Nature - The One

Old Scratch - Black Skies

Halden Vang - How About Now

Hungry Girl - Beasters

Evergone - Rotten Water

Fiftywatt Freight Train - Whiskey & Hate

Eric Bobo - Shining Stars

Norman Frank & The Ghost Dance - Spark of the Divine

Heart Of A Ghost - Dreaming Of The City

Sam The Lion - Hardest Part

Creatio - Triage

Rosewave - Black Star

Joe Davis Band - Out Of The Darkness

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