Play list: 90 Minutes with Divakar Sept 17, 2017

Band Name - Song

Grown Up Avenger Stuff - A.I.M.

The Eyebrows - The Sun

Tyler Boone - Paper Wings

Knowne Ghost - Low

Blues Delux Band - Front Porch Blues

Charlotte Blues Society: Rick Ballew & Mary London - Interview

Robert Johnson Jr. - Warewolves Make Lousy Boyfriends

Bert Wray Blues - Midwood Blues

Benny Turner - I Can't Leave

Brother Oliver - What Will Be Will Be

Foreign Air - Free Animal

Junior Astronomers - That's Why

Wild Domestic - Headlights

Human Resources - Queen

JaggerMouth - Into The Fields

Jason Scavone - Home

Time Sawyer - Queen City On Fire

Spirit Slave - Spaghetti Western

ZeroEmpire - Babylon

Hipgnostic - Ape In Me

Fear Until Fury - Pharisee

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