Play list: 90 Minutes with Divakar Sept 24, 2017

Band Name - Song

Wild Domestic - New Year, New Me

Radio Lola - Floor 22

Swim in the Wild - Work This Out

Alec Krok - Whiskey Soaked

It's Snakes - Dinosaurs

Mightier Than Me - O. L. E.

Paleface - Rock & Roll

The Georgia Flood - Tell Me What You Want

SondorBlue - More Than Reality

Ancient Cities - Supermoon Blackout

Michael Tracy - Still Got Soul

Party Battleship - Girl, Behold

Fear Until Fury - Re-Birth

Hipgnostic - Ape In Me

Mighty Mango - Underwater

Minutes & Years - Ego Trippin

Lightning Foot Jenkins - Yes I Can

Of Good Nature - Life Worth Livin

Glass Mansions - Matches

GiGi Dover And The Big Love - Carolina Lily

Chaos by Candlelight - Ghost

Old Scratch - Black Skies

Big Something - Love Generator

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