Play list: 90 Minutes with Divakar November 26, 2017

Band Name - Song

Messenger Down - Worst Apocalypse Ever

Joshua West - Selling You

Tyler Boone - Paper Wings

Susto - Jah Werx

Reverend Horton Heat - Let Me Teach You How To Eat

Aqualads - Surfing With The Sharks

The Bleeps - Enegy (Taking Over)

Mighty Mango - Sip Jip

Radio Lola - Floor 22

Artist Vice - First Impressions

The Eyebrows - The Sun

JaggerMouth - Stillwater

The Business People - Holy Hell

I Am Dynamite - Bloom

The Georgia Flood - Take A Hit

Randy Franklin - I'm Gonna Miss It

The Kodiak Brotherhood - Time

Hungry Girl - Kix

Something Clever - Season Of Light

Stellan Lynn - Attack

The Seduction - Corduroy

Ish - Monsters Without Faces

Modern Primitives - Lay With The Dead

Tiny City - Cinnamon

Death Valley Dreams - Words Like Fire

The Lilly Brothers - Spencer

Songs of Water - Ghost

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