The Last Playlist.....of 2017 Resurrection Sunday

Cult...of Personality - Living Colour -  Not a bad way to start the show, eh?

Love my Way - The Psych Furs - requestage for "Annie"

The Flirts (from NYC) - Don't Put Another Dime in the JUKEBOX (Valley Girl soundtrack)

Elvis Costello got things "Pumped Up" early on a Sunday

Lost in a Supermarket - The Clash

One of the best Smiths tunes.... Big Mouth Strikes again from '86

Whip it - by Devo (what more needs to be said)

Slowed things down a bit with  More than this  - Roxy Music, a request for Mint Hill

....and we picked things back up with Brass Monkey (that funky monkey) - Beastie Boys

and then we Shocked the Monkey, or Peter Gabriel did. 

No animals were harmed in the recording or playing of the two previous songs.

Dave Wakeling and Ranking Roger of The BEAT ended the hour with Save it for Later


The Cops - Message in a Bottle

Joy Division - Love will Tear us Apart

The Major Tom saga continued with Major Tom from Peter Schilling - "drifting, falling, floating weightless - coming home"  how many of us have been there, huh?  LOL

The Members - Working Girl (no, not THAT kind)

Save A Prayer (for the morning after) - we've all be there too, right?  Duran2

Great request from Shelby for The Meat Puppets out of Phoenix - Backwater

The Woody & Wilcox Houseband a.k.a Oingo Boingo with Dead man's party

Take on Me - A HA!

JOEY - Concrete Blonde- a song written by Johnette Napolitano about her boyfriends battle with alcohol. he lost that battle in 2002.  He was Marc Mooreland of Wall of Voodoo...

Mexican Radio - Wall of Voodoo (see what we did there?)

Berlin - offered us a ride on The Metro...which we took home.

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