Fowler charts another new path in Golf Fashion

My golf game is less than stellar.  In fact, one could call it 'un-good' -

Most of the time I 'look' like I belong on the course - but after the third hole, or third beer (I forget which one) my hat starts to tilt...pants will sag a bit and my shirt will become un-tucked.  

While I will never get booted off the course - I have been reminded from time to time that "golf shirts need to be tucked in"  it's the dress code.

Enter Rickie Fowler.  He's been my second favorite golfer for quite some time.  It will still take a few more years to pass "Phil" -   Phil simply doesn't care about the odds.  If he does - he likes long odds.

Anyway.  Rickie once again had people gasping in Maui Thursday.  First round,  First Tee and his shirt is not tucked in!  And...that IS the look he was going for.   

My game will continue to suck...but at least now I'm be a trend setter.  Just like my 29 year old idol.

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