Minnesota will HOST the Big Game Feb 4th

For the first time in 52 years a team will play in their own stadium for the Super...game.   The crazy thing is...because they will represent the NFC, they will be the visiting team.  Huh, whaaaaaat?

I wonder if they will have to use the visitor's locker room?

Anyway here's how they win.   Carson Wentz is hurt and Case Keenum isn't.

What a perfect name for a quarterback, it's almost Hollywood like, no?  Case Keenum - it just sounds good and BTW he's a gunslinger.   It shouldn't even be much of a game this Sunday night so don't worry about staying up too late.    

Vikings 28 - Eagles 3

Now, there is another game a little earlier in the day.  New England Patriots vs Jacksonville Jaguars.

Who?  That's right the Jaguars.   Some people think the only mystery to this game is whether or not the announcers say Jag WIRES or something that sounds like similar.  This is an easy game to predict.  The team from the southern most tip of Georgia don't couldn't even decide on a helmet color so they went with BOTH of the final two choices.  This is easy.  Jaguars don't have a chance.  

Which means.....

Jacksonville  31  -  Patriots 28

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