.....start your engines (vacation's almost over)

Hello NASCAR friends and family!  It was great having you all home for a few weeks  - but it's back to work on the 11th at Daytona.  As a parting gift, and in the spirit of being an honorary member of the NASCAR family- I would like to fill our entire show on 2/11/18 with requests from NASCAR teams, family and fans.  What say you?   In order for me to "know" you are a true fan - I need you to tweet your request to  @wiz1065 -  copy @1065theEND  and I need you to name your favorite driver and number ( that will be our secret code) 

Example:    Hey @wiz1065 I'd like to hear the Clash - London Calling @1065theEND  #xx Wizard

Obviously "Wizard" won't be your favorite driver - if it is you lose.  LOL

Keep in mind the format - Retro 80's:  U2, Talking Heads, REM, Ramones; Michael Jackson (just kidding, I was seeing if you're paying attention)  Cure, Cult, Depeche Mode etc.

Make sure to send in your requests NOW to make sure I bring the right CD's from home.

REQUEST LINE:  704 762 1065


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