Philly wit, lobstah roll...who wins?

I recall the days when I would host the world's most amazing Superbowl Parties - back when the game was actually played during the afternoon.  Wait what?  

Times were simpler then.  Back in those days we would get our daily fix of Tide by eating it straight out of the box!  None of this POD crap.  Life is too easy.  But that's not why you're here.   

I'm curious - what's on your super menu for the game Sunday?   I speak to a lot of folks who try to get into the spirit by serving fares that are traditional in the participants cities.  If so, this is a banner year.

Philly cheese steaks and Lobster rolls - is doesn't get any better than that does it?   No, that was rhetorical at all - that was a real question.  We really want to know.   Tweet your answers to @wiz1065 or @1065theEND

Oh, by the way - I like chili dogs

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