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Good Talks: The Most Important Song of All Time

We play a lot of great music on The End, but we don’t always talk about it. Talking about the music is kind of the point of my show, so I’ve been thinking that maybe we ought to get folks together just to talk about music. 

On February 28, at NoDa Brewery (2921 N. Tryon St., Charlotte) I’ll be hosting a conversation about what songs you think are the most important of all time. This will be a way to get to know other folks, have a lot of fun, talk about how important songs can be culturally and socially, demonstrate that people can still treat each other with respect, and drink a beer on me—yes, I’m bribing you to come out by giving you a beer on me. 

All you have to do is fill out the Event Brite RSVP, bring in the ticket, and the bartenders will give you the beer—on me—(assuming you’re 21, of course). But while you’re filling out the Event Brite information, leave a comment that says what song YOU think is most important of all-time and tell me why. You can use whatever criteria you want to determine the importance of a song (personal, social, political, charts, history, number of citations in pastors' sermons). My team of experts (ok, probably a team of really smart wiener dogs) will take your suggestions and create our setlist for the night. Even if you don’t bring in the Event Brite ticket you can still come and join the conversation! We’re just going to have a great time.

Why am I doing this? Well, I’ve been really bothered at how folks don’t listen to each other, so I’ve decided that having good talks with great music, great beer, and new friends is a great start.  

Invite your friends and let's talk!


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