Top 5 patios in Charlotte

We've had record temps over the last week and everyone in Charlotte officially has Spring fever.  Even though we're not out of February yet a ton of us are asking "...where are the best patios in the Queen City."  Our friends at Charlotte Agenda have helped answer that question.  CLICK HERE

I do believe, however, they may have missed a few.  I went back to last year's Charlotte Agenda article on patios to find even more.  As it turns out there are more than 60 great outdoor hang spots in Charlotte!  CLICK HERE

I will say that while technically not a patio, OMB has the most amazing Munich inspired biergarten I've ever been to.

Cheers, Salud, Prost, bottom up!  Enjoy the sunshine today!


(Below is Mrs. Dzl and I enjoying the sunshine!)

Mrs. DZL

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