Video Captures Violent Brawl Over Overhead Space On Southwest Flight


A flight from Dallas to Los Angeles was delayed after a passenger had a disagreement about overhead space which turned violent, according to Fox News. One passenger started arguing with the flight attendants about the overhead compartments and was eventually asked to deplane. 

The man refused to leave the plane and eventually the pilot ordered all the passengers off the aircraft to resolve the situation. At that point, another passenger pleaded with the man to leave the plane so everybody else could head to Los Angeles. The man took exception to the request and spit on the other passenger sparking a fist fight. Fox 4 obtained video of the fight, which was posted to Snapchat by another passenger, who claimed the delay caused them to miss their connecting flight. 

The 20-second video shows the two men exchanging blows while passengers try to move out of the way. The men were eventually separated, and everybody had to exit the plane. 

Southwest Airlines confirmed the altercation and said police were handling the situation.

“On March 2, Southwest Airlines flight #8 scheduled Dallas Love to Los Angeles was delayed departing due to an altercation between two passengers. The passengers involved were deplaned and local law enforcement took over from there. The safety and comfort of our Employees and passengers is our top priority,” a company spokesperson said.

After a one hour delay, the flight finally took off, with a little bit of extra space in the overhead compartments. 


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